If you don’t do what you love, what are you doing?

In this day-and-age we’re pretty autonomous, independent. Women don’t need men and men don’t need women. There’s no predetermined bread-winner or stay-at-home Mum. Traditional ideals were challenged and they’re losing, especially in New Zealand. We have more options, allowing more of us to do what we love rather than what society suggests we should do. We’re more dynamic and so is the workforce.

Essentially, if you don’t love what you do, you’re doing something wrong.

More often than not, we’re training to  do what we  perceive we need to. To fill spaces in society and to bridge positions in bureaucratic offices. I wonder what percentage of students at university personally wanted to study there… We’re being bred to work to make money – but it shouldn’t be about money. If we worked every hour of every day we might be rich, but I’m betting we wouldn’t be happy. I admire people who don’t work for money, they’re generally better at their jobs.

The backpackers that float around the world doing odd jobs, artists and my Crossfit coach – they are people that choose lifestyle over a competitive bank account and a hierarchical ladder. It’s a waste of time committing your life to a desk, to later have an epiphany that when asked as a child what you wanted to do when you grew up, the answer was probably what you should have done because it wasn’t conditioned by social ideals and stamped with a price.

My Mum has never faltered in teaching me to do what I love, constantly ingraining the message, ‘do whatever makes you happy,’ and it navigates me.

So, if you don’t love what you do, what are you doing?



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