What are you chasing?

‘Once you stop chasing the wrong things, the right ones catch you.’

I’m always chasing something, like a cat with a string. But sometimes your goals change and if you don’t change direction you’re chasing the wrong thing. Our lives are adaptable but we’re so slow to tailor them to new wants or ideas.

My friends and colleagues are always sighing that they wish they could be somewhere else, or doing something else and you have to ask, “well, why aren’t you?” The Nike logo is one of the best phrases in my philosophical vocabulary – ‘just do it.’

I was adamant that after completing my four years of tertiary education I would segue straight in to the first vacancy of my career, but at the last minute I zoomed-out and realised that there was no hurry. What I actually wanted was a change of scenery, and a mental break. Having said that, I definitely continued down the same path for longer than I should have, holding on to outdated ideas about next year.


Eventually I adjusted. I had spent so much time dreaming about moving overseas and such little time moving overseas. It’s time to pack my bags. Right now I’m chasing goals like seeing the world outside of the borders of my comfort zone and educating my perspective.

It doesn’t make sense to wish you were somewhere else without taking action to take yourself there. But it also doesn’t make sense to me to wish you were doing something different with your life, because it’s not in anyone else’s control. You can’t always use other circumstances such as your job to explain why you’re in a situation you’re not excited about. We are lucky enough to have the resources to navigate ourselves to almost anywhere.

It’s never convenient to reshuffle your schedule – you always have to put things down to pick more things up. But live the way you want to, why wouldn’t you?


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