Now or Never

It’s never convenient to move your life. I hit the gap between study and a full-time career when you really start planting roots in a community. I moved from New Zealand to England, which is considered controversial apparently. It’s hard to explain that I love NZ after trading it in for dreary weather and brick everything… But my heart and my head were both unanimously enthused about the idea so my compass pointed to the UK.  

It wasn’t that bold – I’m half British and I’m 22 so I don’t have much baggage in any sense. But it also wasn’t a sporadic decision empowered by liberal youth. I had planned to move my whole life and 2016 presented a one-time window of opportunity. The only daunting factor is uncertainty as to whether I’ve increased or decreased the likelihood of growing my career. 

Apart from defending my ‘kiwi’ ethnicity from being labelled Australian, I’m settling in well. I got excited about the April snow when everyone else moaned and I’m embracing the tea-drinking culture at my Aunt’s.

So, now I own a 65-litre backpack 90% filled with clothes, and that’s it. I have no work connections, no car and at-best five friends. Naturally my priority is to find a Crossfit gym, rationally it’s to find an income. 



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